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 RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)

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iTz S K I L L


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PostSubject: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:11 pm

This topic would include RS quests , particularly the hardest ones . For example , Monkey Madness .

Description: The King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommissioning of the Gnome owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they have been deemed missing in action. It will be up to you, should you decide to help, to find out what fate befell the 10th squad and if possible, track them down.

If only it were so simple. Sinister forces have begun to spread through the Gnome hierarchy and threaten to unleash an unknown terror upon the world. Far across the land, the fires of vengeance are being stoked once again. Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you seperate the truth from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?

Difficulty: Master

Length: Very Long

Requirements: Must have completed The Grand Tree Quest,
Must have completed the Tree Gnome Village Quest,
Must be able to defeat a Level 195 Demon
Level 43 Prayer is highly recommended.

Items Needed: Gold bar, Ball of wool, Monkey corpse or Monkey bones (either one is fine, just kill a Monkey on Karamja), lots of Antipoison potions, Ring of dueling OR Amulet of glory, Food, Prayer restore potions, a good Weapon and Armor or items to kill a level 195 Demon.

Quest Points Reward: 3

Reward: 10k gp, 3 Diamonds, 3 Quest points; the ability to wield the Dragon scimitar; talk to Daero to get training in Strength and Hit points OR Attack and Defense. You get 35k experience in the 2 skills of your choice and 20k experience in the other two skills you didn't choose.

Start Point: Grand Tree

To Start: Speak to King Narnode


1. Talk to King Narnode and learn that he has a new quest for you. He tells you that Glough has been replaced and you now must deliver a seal to the King's Royal Guard.

2. Go to the top of The Grand Tree and take the glider to Karamja. Go to the shipyard and talk with G.L.O. Caranock. He will tell you that the Royal Guard might have been blown off course by some winds.

3. Go back to the king and tell him what Caranock said. He will send you to Daero (at Blurberry's Bar on the second floor of the Grand Tree, on the east side) with some orders.

4. Talk to Daero and he will blindfold you and take you to a glider hangar. Daero and your pilot will talk a little. Now go ask Daero why the gliders are folded and he will tell you that they are locked with a code.

Hangar Map

5. The code just happens to be a sliding puzzle you have to solve. You can skip this part if you have 200k to spend, but if you want to have a challenge do the puzzle and it's all free. Step over to the red control panel (Reinitialisation Panel red dot on above guide map) to begin the puzzle. If you logout half way through puzzle sometimes it resets the puzzle and you have to do it all over again. So do the puzzle in one go and then log out. IF you wish to pay to solve go find Glough he is located in tree south and slightly southeast of path. Picture of Puzzle When you are done it will look like this. It is easiest to complete the rows in this order: Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan And last Purple. (This also applies to Treasure Trail Sliding Puzzles).


6. Now the screen will change and the gliders will fold out and stand ready. You are ready to go. Talk to Daero and you fly to the isle where 10th Crashed, known as Crash Island. You will find a member of the 10th squad, Lumdo; talk with him. At first he won't sail you to Ape Atoll. Talk to Waydar about convincing him and then he will sail you to Ape Atoll.

Ape Atoll Map

7. Once you arrive in Ape Atoll, keep going to the north of the isle and follow the shore and Cliff west. When the cliff turns go that way and you will be shot with a lot of arrows, so turn on Protect from Ranged prayer now and you will take minimum damage (be advised they can hit 20+).

8. You will end up in a cage in the Jail with three members of the 10th guard; they will talk for a little while. Nothing important if you are using the guide here. Have 1 dose of your Antipoison if you are poisoned and have some food if you are injured. There is a monkey guard outside do not come too near him (don't go into the squares near the jail door when he is around the Jail or you will take damage). He will patrol 2 times then he will go to the Switch room and switch with his partner. This is your chance when he does this, pick the lock and run out to the Grass area where Karam is located on the map above. If you pick the lock before and wait on outside on the left if the cage you can do so, but there is a lvl1 spider there which keeps attacking you and it also poisons you sometimes. (Side note, if you play high detail there are some grass spots that don't hide you, maybe play in low detail if you want to hide in the right places). Once you are by Karam talk to him. Restore energy and health here if you really need to.

9. There is a temple to the south east. This has lots of lvl 167 guards in it. Go in the temple and turn Protect of Melee ON and you can recharge by praying at the temple and not take any damage from the guards. Now you have to speak to the sergeant. Do not go east around the temple to get to sergeant. There is a little house on the south of temple. From where Karam is go south (remember to turn on your protect from Ranged attacks) and when you are south of temple then go east (don't walk past the Elder guard, if you do he will put you back in jail). When you see the house on the east of it is the sergeant. Go and speak to him and he will tell you that you have to make an alliance with the monkey king and you have to speak to Zooknock in a tunnel.

10. Now you have to get into a house south of The Statue in the middle of the city (refer to map above). To get into the house you have to GO AROUND THE BACK and go through the back door (using protect from Ranged attacks). Stay in the grass as much as possible; don't run too long even with Protect from Ranged on. You must stay in the brown on the inside of the house, it's the dark brown part. The house is filled with crates. Now Search some crates near the Trapdoor (You cannot go near the trap door or the monkey guys come and send you back to jail.) (1 Crate on top of another). Take the Monkey Dentures you find there. Now search the most South East crate say YES and you will land in a cave (be careful because it will damage you). Go northwest in that cave (see upper part of map below) and search the Crates to find the M'Amulet mould.


Underground Map

11. Use your dueling ring to teleport to Al-kharid. Go to Lumbridge temple if you want to restore prayer points. Then go to Al-Kharid Bank and store all your weapons and armor. Get 4 anti-poison pots, 6 energy pots, gold bar, monkey dentures, monkey amulet mould, food and wear weapon and armor which increase your prayer points (mace, shade robe set, priest gowns, holy symbol, etc). It is recommended that you bring 1-4 prayer potions, depending on your prayer and agility levels. If you have a plank than bring it as well, if you don't have one you can either walk to get one on ape atoll or take some extra damage in the next step. Now you have to go into the tunnel. Speak to Glider in Al-Kharid to fly to Tree Gnome Stronghold. Then go downstairs, Speak with Daero to go to hangar. The to Waydar and then to Lumbo. Once in Ape Atoll go to the house in the southwest corner and pick up a plank. Then proceed into the (!) Dungeon Sign just west of the little boat.

Tunnel Map

12. Right now turn on your Protect from Melee. And keep yourself on run all the time. Eat food when you have low health. Drink anti-poison when you are poisoned and drink energy potion when you are running out of energy. When you reach the claw traps just use your plank on them. Then just run all the way to the end of the tunnel until you find three gnomes. Talk with the mage gnome, Zooknock. He will tell you that you need to get him these items: Gold bar, something to do Monkey Speech, a Monkey amulet mould, Monkey remains and a Monkey Talisman. Use the Gold Bar, Monkey Denture and Amulet Mould with Zooknock and then he gives a "Enchanted Bar" and monkey amulet mould.

13. Use your dueling ring to go back to Al-Kharid. Recharge your prayer points in Lumbridge, and go to the Bank. Equip yourself with good armor and weapon take 4 anti-poison potions, Enchanted bar, monkey amulet mould, ball of wool (Can be purchased at the Ardougne general store) and food. Get back to Ape Atoll, and follow until you get shot down again and you end up in prison. Get out of prison like the way it is mentioned above and go by Karam.

14. Now you need to go down the trapdoor in the temple with lvl 167 Monkey Guards. Go in the temple with protect from Melee on. You can always recharge because there is a temple there and the lvl 167 don't take any damage off you. Now in the temple go northeast behind the furnace thing. Here the monkeys cant attack you so you can put protect from melee off. To get into the trapdoor you need to stand in front of it. It is guarded by 2 monkey guards. When the guard moves away and you see the space switch your protect from melee on and RUN TO THE FRONT OF THE TRAP DOOR. Then go down it. There are a lot of Zombies and high lvl thing's here so Keep the protect from melee turned on and use the enchanted bar with the wall of flames. And then use your ball of wool with it. Then Climb up the rope back into temple. Then straight away climb up ladder. Now it is safe to put the protect from melee off. Use your dueling ring to go back to Al-Kharid.

15. Recharge your prayer in Lumbridge. Go to Bank. Get 4 anti-poison potions. Wear Full Armor and your Monkey Speak Amulet. Get Back to Ape Atoll. Get into Prison and then escape out into the Grass area. Look at the map where it says the monkey child. Go to the house east of it from the hole in the wall through the back. There is an ally on west part of the house. Search the trees to get 5 bananas.

16. Now you see monkey child and monkey child's aunt. The aunt CAN NOT SEE YOU otherwise she'll call the guards and you end up in jail. So what you do is that everytime the aunt goes into the house west of garden you speak to the monkey child. And everytime you see her coming back go hide in the allyway. Speak to the child and tell him you are his uncle. He'll tell you that his aunt has asked him to collect 20 bananas. But since he cant count you can give him any amount (about 4-5). Speak with him again and give him all the bananas. Wait a bit and then speak to him and he'll give you the monkey talisman. Use dueling ring to teleport to Al-Kharid.

17. Now recharge prayer if you need to. Go to Al-Kharid Bank. Store all weapon and armor in bank. Wear dueling ring, and armor which helps prayer, 4 anti-poison potions, 6 energy potions, monkey talisman, monkey corpse *or* monkey bones, and food. Go to Ape Atoll. Then go down the tunnel to Zooknock. Use both items with Zooknock and you will get a Monkey Gregree. Now you can be relieved because everytime you wield this you turn into a Karamja monkey and you won't be attacked in Ape Atoll. Teleport back to Al-Kharid. Recharge your prayer points and go to bank. Wield Monkey Speak Amulet, Good Armor. Take Anti-Poison Potions, monkey gregree, and food.

18. Go to Ape Atoll. Once there wield the Monkey Greegree and you'll turn into monkey. Go Northwest following the cliff and you'll see a gate (where the monkey archers normally shoot you down). Go through the gate and head to the East, then speak to the sergeant. Then Speak to Elder guard right by the sergeant. He wont let you through. So go to the West as far as possible, up the cliff, until you see a ladder, climb it and cross the bridge and down the ladder to speak to Kruk. Kruk takes you to the monkey king. Speak with Monkey King and ask for alliance. He will tell you to rescue a monkey from Ardougne Zoo. Talk with elder guard to get out.

19. Teleport to Al-Kharid using dueling ring. Now Go to Ardougne Zoo. Speak with Monkey minder. Then wield the monkey greegree and speak to him. He'll put you in a cage. Speak with a monkey in the cage and you'll put it in your inventory. Then unwield the monkey gregree you'll turn back into human. Speak with Monkey Minder and he'll let you out. WALK TO GRAND TREE. Do not teleport there or use spirit trees. Fly Back to Ape Atoll. Wield the Monkey Gregree again and go to the monkey king by speaking to guard. The king will think about an alliance. Then go talk to the sergeant and he will give you a sigil; you are now a member of the 10th Guard.

NOTE: You may have to talk to the Sergeant 2 or 3 times; also you may need to be a human to get the Sigil. If you die and lose the Sigil, check with the Sergeant; he will send you to Waymottin (?) in the mage tunnel. If you lose the monkey amulet, obtain the items again and visit the mage again. The Monkey Child will cry but if you log out and back in he will stop crying.

20. If you are ready to fight the Demon simply wear the Sigil and operate it, the ground will start shaking and you will be teleported to a platform where the Demon is.

How to Defeat the Demon:

There are several ways of defeating the demon. Before you face it you should take at least two Prayer potions, one Antipoison potion, good food, and a Ring of dueling or Amulet of glory. When you wear the sigil you will be teleported into an arena with the level 195 demon in it. The demon is very fierce and deals 30+ damage with its melee and magic attacks, so as soon as you put the sigil on make sure you also turn on the Protect from Magic prayer. Once you are down there you can use any of the following strategies:

A. You can mage him using high level attack spells (wind spells aren't suggested, they often miss and don't hit him, use fire spells instead).

B. You can use a cannon. This works really well if you can use Protect from magic because the canon will do all the work for you. Take about 100 canon balls just in case.

C. You can range him if you are a good ranger.

D. You can melee him, but since he can deal over 30 damage I wouldn't recommend going near him (though melee seems to work quite well on him at around level 90 Combat, with good food you should be able to finish him off very fast).

Once you have killed the level 195 demon, speak to the person which the arrow is pointing at. You will then be teleported to Ape Atoll. Now teleport to Al-Kharid using dueling ring or amulet of glory.

21. Take the glider in Al-Kharid to Tree Gnome Stronghold. Speak with King Nomad on the bottom floor to finish the quest. Then go up the ladder and speak with Daero to get trained in other skills. For pures, you do not have to talk to Daero for it will level up your defence.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Quest Complete

Note: You can go back and kill other monkeys (Temple, Archer, Guard, or Zombie) for their bones. Get a new Talisman (1k gp from Tutab in the Village Magic Shop) and then take their remains to Zooknock and he will make you additional Greegrees which will change you into the form of the monkey you killed.

Another note: If you lose your monkey talisman, you can go back to the kid in the house. Just say that you lost it and he'll give you another.
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:14 pm

Description: Rumors abound throughout Varrock and Al-Kharid that an archaeologist has discovered some clues to a large hoard of treasure hidden somewhere deep in the desert south of Al-Kharid.
Anybody prepared to offer him assistance in his treasure hunting could well find themselves benefiting from a very large reward indeed...
PLEASE NOTE: This is an extremely challenging quest that will tax your battle prowess to the extreme.

Difficulty: Master

Length: Long

Requirements: Level 10 Slayer, Level 50 Firemaking, Level 50 Magic, Level 53 Thieving, A high agility level will be a distinct advantage and be able to defeat extremely tough enemies above level 150.
Digsite Quest
The Tourist Trap
Temple of Ikov
Priest in Peril
Waterfall Quest
Troll Stronghold

Items Needed: Lots of Shantay passes (or Camulet; if you have completed 'Enakhra's Lament'), 650gp, 12 Magic logs, 6 Steel bars, 6 Molten glass, Ashes, Charcoal, 1 Blood rune, Regular bones, Chocolate Cake, Super restore potions, Spiked boots, Climbing boots (Only if you haven't completed Eadgars Ruse or if you have completed it but do not have a magic level of 61 or higher), Garlic, Many Lockpicks (Can be bought at the Rogue's Den or found on the ground in the inner section of Yanille Agility course. Requires level 57 Agility) , 1 Silver bar, Spice, Pestle and mortar, Facemask, Tinderbox, Ice gloves (Only if you wish to use a weapon agianst Fareed), Waterskins, Knife, and Energy potions. Food and Prayer Potions are needed ALOT throughout the quest.

Note: If you want to save money, use Camulet to teleport to Enakhra's Temple (given that you have finished 'Enakhra's Lament') and travel up to the surface.

Quest Points Reward: 3

Reward: 20k Magic experience and Ancient Magicks

Start Point: The Bedabin Camp, south-west of the Shantay Pass

To Start: Speak to the Archaeologist
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:04 pm

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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:08 pm

jackbutt wrote:
Yeah.... gj its hard to copy and paste man lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Tue Jan 01, 2008 4:39 pm

monkey madness wasn't hard i did at lvl 65 or something like that easy
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Wed Jan 02, 2008 6:57 am

respect lol!
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Fri Jan 18, 2008 10:21 am

I did monkey madness on a level 40 lol Razz
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Wed Jan 23, 2008 6:06 pm

monkey madd ness is eazy i did it at lvl 39 with 60 prayer (pur3 pwnage)
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:22 pm

I love Dwarf Training Quest the most. Since when you get a good level of agility, you can harpoon with your arm! lol! There are a lot other stuff, but I am feeling too lazy right now.
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Fri Mar 21, 2008 4:38 pm

monkey madness was easy!
i did that at lvl 47 and only 23pray rofl
then on my main i did DT but that i gotta admit was a bit hard XD lol! lol! lol! bounce bounce bounce bounce
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I K0 You

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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:08 am

i did monkey madness lv 40 (1pray)
did dt at lv 49
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PostSubject: Re: RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)   

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RuneScape Quest's (hardest ones)
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