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 pk 4 money!!! why i think i should be a mod

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pk 4 money

Number of posts : 4
Age : 23
Location : san diego, california
Registration date : 2007-12-28

PostSubject: pk 4 money!!! why i think i should be a mod   Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:42 am

How long have you played:for abouts since it came out so like a whole year

How active are you: well i quit for half a year but i will be now active almost 24/7

Hours daily playing server (When its up):about 6 hours a day on school days and 20 on weekends

Highest 3 levels in game:str att and mage

Player name:pk 4 money

Player level:96

Amount of gold:200k

Why do you think u should become Staff:the reason i would make good mod/admin is because on this server i have once been admin and once been mod i help people when they need it alot and now im pretty sure that everybody wanted me to come back... lol i think
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pk 4 money!!! why i think i should be a mod
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