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 The Espada

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PostSubject: The Espada   The Espada Icon_minitimeThu Mar 06, 2008 10:25 pm

The Espada Arrancar-3

Information: We are the Espada! Mighty Mighty Espada! Yes, if you are reading this, then you have the opportunity of a lifetime. I have turned this organization into a clan. I will add more info as we get into this more.

Rules: These will all take effect when there are five or more Espada. (Excluding The Leader From The Group)

All Espada Will Be Assigned Certain Jobs For The Clan, whoever is not to follow them will have almost passive ejection from clan.

Rule 1: All Espada shall obey their Clan Leader.

Rule 2: To overcome the Clan Leader and take position, all other Espada besides the challenger must approve of it. The challenger must also post the challenge in the clan chat topic, followed by all those who approve of it. The clan leader does not have the right to back down. It will take place in a isolated area where three other Espada are within witnessing it. If one is to interfere, the match will be over and the Leader cannot be challenged again for a month. Every time is issued, a month must partake before a new one may. The Leader will be kicked from the Espada.

Rule 3: Every Espada member may be challenged by their lower level, but may only issue one challenge every ten days. Same process for the Clan Leader spot, except that they must only have acceptance from the Clan Leader in the Clan Chat section. The Leader needs to be the only witness of the battle.

Rule 4: The Challengers may only go by ones. Such as 10th can challenge only the 9th. This is so no newcomers can just instantly pop into Clan Leader spot by luck. Only the 1st and 2nd may challenge Leader.

Rule 5: There is to be no flaming or threats/harassments of fellow members, or really even anyone else. This is a very severe rule.

Rule 6: You must check-in with the leader to let them know you are attending family business or RL problems if you can't get your required work done. This should be done via PM. I am very understanding.

Rule 7: Outsiders may challenge the 10th Espada only (Or lowest rank), must be done in General chat.

Rule 8: Do not undermine the clan nor can you commit mutiny of the clan. Things can only be settled by the first few rules. If the Leader becomes corrupt in matters, an automatic 7/10s vote will be put up. This can only be triggered by the agreement of the first and second Espada. They then will put up in general chat of the clan, a report that will explain all the offenses. This will then be looked at by the other Espada on following of completion. If the votes are over 6 of the Espada, then the leader shall be replaced by the first Espada. The leader will then be exiled from the clan and may never rejoin unless permitted by leader that they may challenge again.

Rule 9: If the leader is inactive for ten days or more, the first may be deemed temporary leader until they return. This may also happen if the Leader gives notice to the clan.

Rule 10: The Espada can wear whatever they please.


Clan Leader: The job of the clan leader is the following. They must check the general chat of the clan. They must look over challenges and accept them. Must listen to fellow members and discipline them. The power of the Leader is to be able to; Switch around the people in the rankings with reasonable explanation, veto out challenges other then their own, kick or expel others with reasonable explanation followed by voting of the other Espada, manage updates, news, and other clan matters.

1st & 2nd: The two are equivalent to the Senate. They will manage clan battles, challenges towards themselves, be moderators towards their clan chat, and remind the Clan Leader of things, they also can create new rules but must be looked at by the Leader for approval and passing on of the rules. The rules can conspire to be minimizing/strengthening powers of positions or actual rules.

3rd-6th: Basic forum work and online work. These people will manage group organization, and monitor other Espada around the server. They also serve as mini-mods on the general chat for the clan, only able to notify others of rule-breaking.

7th-10th: No real job, just to wander around being good citizens. Just basically being able to participate in clan activities. They can suggest things in clan chat on the forum. Only big purpose is for voting.

Requirements: No real requirements, besides having the approval by the Leader. They must send a request. As of now, we need people to join in spots. So just send in the template! Before you challenge someone in the general chat. You must send this template filled out to the Leader.

The Template will be pmed to me by you, do not post it in here or anywhere else.

Quote :

Server username:
Class: (Mage?Archer?Warrior?)
Activity: (How active are you?)
Rank: (What Rank Do You Want?)
Qualities: (What do you think you can do for the clan?)
Motive: (Why do you want to be in our clan?)
Additional Info: (Anything else that'll make us want you more?)

Synapse: The Espada is from a show called "Bleach." In which the best of the best Arrancar would be in. They are numbered from 1-10, one being the best. They are all ruled by the leader of the group, not included in the numbers.

-Reserved and Making as you read-

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Number of posts : 8
Location : Behind Closed Doors
Registration date : 2008-03-01

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PostSubject: Re: The Espada   The Espada Icon_minitimeThu Mar 06, 2008 10:51 pm

News & Members Section

Recent News

Saturday March 08: The Clan is now open for people who want to join.

Leader of Espada: Luupi (Server username: Luupi)

1st Espada:

2nd Espada:

3rd Espada:

4th Espada:

5th Espada:

6th Espada:

7th Espada:

8th Espada:

9th Espada:

10th Espada:

Current Challengers:

The Defeated:
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The Espada
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